Dr.Manal Awad

Speciality: Assistant Registrar Dermatologist


  • MBBch. Faculty of Medicine.
  • University of Alexandria, Egypt 1988.
  • Diploma of Dermatology and Andrology, May 2001.
  • Training in Laser Application for Hair Removal.
  • Training in Cryocautery & Cautery of superficial benign skin tumours.
  • Fellowship to University of California – Irvine (Family Medicine).

- Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases

- Laser hair removal is suitable for all skin types

- Fraxel laser for the treatment of acne scars and pores and scars and dark spots face lift

- Laser blood vessels

- Mesuthirbe freshness to the face and lighten dark spots and color

- Mesuthirbe for the treatment of hair loss and excess fat

- Botox to remove wrinkles and excessive sweating

- Peel out the skin

- Sessions peeling (chemical and crystalline)

- Sessions lighten dark places

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