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Dr.Pankaj Mehta

Specialty: Specialist - Radiology

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Imaging Department Services :

• Ultrasonography

 -  General Abdominal Ultrasound

 -  Pelvic Ultrasound

 -  Obstetric Ultrasound / 3D Ultrasound

 -  Congenital Anomaly Detection Scan

 -  Thyroid / Small Parts Ultrasound

 -  Vascular Ultrasound

•  CT Scan

 -  Whole Body Multi Slice CT Scan with 3 D Imaging

•  General Radiography 

 -  Fluoroscopy

 -  Barium Studies

 -  IVU and Other Contrast Studies

 -  BMD Whole body DexaScan- Bone Mineral Density

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery - Bombay University - India  

Master in Diagnostic Radiology - Bombay University - India

Diploma in Diagnostic Medical Radiology - Bombay University - India         

Registrar Diagnostic Medical Radiologist - USA    

MRI - CT & Ultra Sound

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