Dr. Belal Elgamal

Speciality: Specialist –Urology
M.B.B.Ch - Cairo – 1985
MSc. - Cairo .1989
Ph. D - (MD) -Cairo .1998
MCCEE - Canada-2016.
Laser prostatectomy, Houston, TX, USA
Endoscopic and laparoscopic Uro-oncology, Irvin, California, USA
Renal transplantation, National Institute of Urology, Cairo, Egypt.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility using the most updated medical, surgical and assisted reproductive technology       
  • Diagnosis and treatment of urinary stones using updated medical, surgical, Endoscopicaland ESWL techniques        
  • Management of benign prostatic hyperplasia with updated medical, surgical and endoscopic minimally invasive techniques as Endoscopic Laser enucleation of the prostate. 
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of Urologic tumors by most updated equipment’s and most recent technique. 
  • Diagnosis and meticulous treatment of male sexual dysfunction using updated medical and surgical techniques. 
  • Management of cases of voiding dysfunctions and urinary incontinence   in women and men using the standard and optional Lab., radiological and urodynamic studies. 
  • Endoscopic Treatment of inflammatory, traumatic or iatrogenic urethral stricture. 
  • Management of cases of congenital anomalies of the urethral orifice  (Hypospadias) and testis (Ectopy & Cryptorchidism)
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